Buying upholstered furniture is an investment for many years.  As we all know accidents will happen and a spill if not properly removed can permantly affect the appearance of your new upholstery.

With Guardsman 5 -year protection from Churchfield Sofabed you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your new Sofa, Sofabed, Chair of Chairbed is protected.  Churchfield Sofabed offer Guardsmans Gold Protector which will be professionally applied to your new upholsetry prior to delivery to give the maximum possible protection.  the protector has been developed to give maximum protection against stains.  It is environmentally safe and works by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres of your furniture without changing the feel or appearance of the furniture. 

The fabric protection programme comes with a five year guarantee against permanent staining from food, drink, ink, make up wax soap and many more items.

All this protection is available from only £35 for a chair or chairbed and £39 for a sofa or soafbed.